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Rs. 12,50,00,000 to Rs. 12,50,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Koenigsegg Agera Review

Koenigsegg, the Swedish super car maker has finally landed in India with its prototype of what we call, the ultimate aviator, the phenomenal Koenigsegg Agera. The muscle of a racer, Agera is simply a magnitude of superiority and excellence of technology. Although with the same platform, Agera speaks multitudes of new functionalities and definitions of an all new level. The Agera shapes the future with its innovative design, outstanding brilliance of technology and the superb aerodynamics.

Koenigsegg Agera PicturesThe Agera takes toll of all the notes that combined together produce a Koenigsegg product. Being a hyper car, the Koenigsegg Agera is clone to all other hyper cars by the company. The technicalities behind the thinner driving, handling, acceleration and response are now a new benchmark for the company with the new Agera setting new standards and records that remain unbeaten through the time. The Agera has been placed at a price tag of about 12, 50, 00,000 INR in the country. The Agera is available with a single variant so far and stands out distinct and neck to neck with other hyper cars of the segment including the Bugatti Veyron, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and the Porsche 911.


Koenigsegg Agera PicturesThe Agera derives its name from the Swedish relevance of taking action. The Koenigsegg makes it quite particular this time taking an action as in capturing the Indian market in terms of some high price selling. The Agera is a minimalistic yet grand and supreme in style and technology. A perfect marvel of some really talented and intelligent minds put together in making of an epic like such, the Agera is impressive in its very way. High end ergonomics combined together with a high engineered platform have resulted in making of this terrific hyper car. The Koenigsegg is already known for its innovative use of technology and some really massive and swift automobiles and hence forth it puts forth one of its best creations in the form of Agera in the Indian market.


Koenigsegg Agera Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

The Koenigsegg Agera is an actual hyper car that is not meant to deliver and focus on mileage and fuel efficiency but is made for the flight of wings, the Agera rocks solid over the roads with outstanding power of acceleration. However talking about the mileage, the Agera remains confined within certain limits, surprisingly, the car has a lot to compensate against the fact. The Agera delivers around 4 Kmpl of mileage in the city and around 8 Kmpl on the highways which is still pretty decent and acts quite a figure against critics. The Agera manages to deliver even better results, provided there is a constant period of time within the transmission shifts.


Koenigsegg Agera Engine, Power and Performance

The Koenigsegg pride is reflected and perfected with the outstandingly light weight and perhaps the most compact engines of all times, manufactured by the company itself, not to forget, after all it’s a hyper car engine. The 5 l Petrol engine well equipped along with 8 cylinders associated with the complete load of clutch shafts, transmission jacks and other equipment’s weighs quite less. The real role comes into play when the Inconel exhaust manifold turbo gets combined within the engine console to deliver ultimate power and pickup statistics delivering a bashing top speed and a torque that is sheer massive and something out of the targets of the critics.

The Koenigsegg Agera’s 5 l Petrol engine is based on the V8 mechanism with 8 cylinders inline and characteristics of unmistakable drivability and flexibility. The Koenigsegg Agera runs on engine deliver a power ranging around 940 hp and a torque of about 1000 Nm quite easily, yet again outreaching materialism of the world; it is definitely an ultimate hyper car. The Engine of the Agera is well equipped of improvised combustion chambers and a unique engine block design that has variably strong intake system. The intercooler assembled with the engine makes it all the more easy for it to bypass the heat and retain fresh air all the time which is quite necessary for the better performance and long life of the engine. The titanium and the crank casket together with the four fuel pumps totally deliver the accurate amount of fuel during the injection process. The tremendous strong turborized engine associated with the engine has turbo chargers embedded that give it a boastful upgrade. From all aspects, the Agera V8 engine is super responsive and ultra-powerful in terms of technology and control.


Koenigsegg Agera Pickup and Acceleration

Koenigsegg Agera Techometer PicturesThe Super car makes loads of difference when it comes to talking about the pickup and acceleration statistics. The Koenigsegg Agera is wondrous of the manner it picks up with the lightning speed. Designed to make its own way, the Agera is loud and clear with its power and torque. This hyper car generates a maximum power of about 940 hp/ 6900 rpm and a bashing torque of about 1100 Nm/ 4000 rpm. As already mentioned earlier, the Agera is available in a single petrol variant with 7 speed automatic transmissions.

The Agera picks up form 0- 100 Km/ h within amazing 3 seconds; indeed within a blink of your eyes. The top speed of this unreal maestro lies at an astonishing 420 Km/ h. Clearly, the Koenigsegg Agera has no match to its unbeaten performance. The hyper car stands out apart amongst any automobile that comes its way, even the Bugatti Veyron faces toughest competition coming too closer to the Agera.  The Agera however remains confined within certain limitations that arouse with the loud engine noise that lacks tight insulation; nonetheless, there can still be no answer to the power that recompenses the fact.  


Koenigsegg Agera Interiors and Features

Koenigsegg Agera Seats PicturesThe Koenigsegg Agera is a charm from all aspects that rotate around materialism and dynamism in terms of excellent features and quality technology along with innovation. The chamber or the cabin involves only the most elegant and heavenly materials, the usual of the Agera being the sleek and stylish alcantara, aniline leather and aluminum with traces of chrome. The interiors of the Agera are truly matchless and like no other, clearly, the Agera trusts only the perfection. All devices whether the switch gear, steering and other jacks and levers are bespoke with the superior chrome and leather finish sewing.

The aluminum buttons integrated with LED spot lights with sensuous and dazzling illuminations are a delight to watch and operate. The powered gleams of the fantastic buttons look extravagant and damn magnificent with the shining billets. The stylish fiber central console with the integrated instrument panel is much of appreciation. The super light, almost as a feather steering wheel with the incorporated airbag is remarkable of the Koenigsegg design. The transmission paddles and the shift levers are mounted on the steering wheel to provide better handling and accuracy that comes superbly handy. The cornering comes quite easy with the unique innovation and the drive is smooth as ever with utmost comfort. The central console and panel is something worth the admiration with the infotainment being an exclusive feature.

Koenigsegg Agera Courtsey Lamps PicturesThe GPS with the HVGA high resolution color display and the touchscreen interface is classy and adorable. The audio and stereo system with the Bluetooth, AUX in and USB support along with a separate module of display for car telemetric data and satellite navigation with the point to link voice integration looks a delight on remote hauls. The telecommunication module along with the superior voice operated functions is of equal utility. One of the most astonishing features is the carbon heated seats that offer utmost coziness and great lateral comfort on longer hauls. The vast cockpit is nothing less than a racer jet craft. The neat finish mixed with the ambience of the smell of the soothing leather is yet an excellent sensation. The interiors are totally minimalistic in true sense, the new Agera leaves no questions unanswered.

Koenigsegg Agera Cup Holders PicturesThe visual drama adds to the interiors of the Agera along with the functionalities and not just the eye candy in scintillation. The engineering of this turbo craft is futuristic and as extraordinary as anything else not less than a time machine that takes you to a whole new world beyond imagination. The Koenigsegg Agera has all usual comforts of any luxury car including bottle and can holders, magazine holders, accessory power outlet, ash tray, stereo system that is integrated on to the programmable semiconductor electrical infotainment system embedded on to the central console and front panel. The entertainment deals hype in the all new Agera. The greatest of all is the damn sensuous aggregated multifunctional steering that reminds of a space craft lost in the vast space comprising of unknown galaxies. The future looks hell of advanced with the supreme ergonomics that have been put into the Agera. There is no doubt in the interiors being a class apart in the Koenigsegg Agera.


Koenigsegg Agera Exteriors and Features

Koenigsegg Agera Head Light PicturesThe Koenigsegg Agera looks a glance of the future not only with the supreme advanced interiors but with the exteriors being a dynamism redefined. The Agera is superior in terms of both ergonomics and the high end visuals. The Agera is impressive of the fact that it admires a design that has been framed to meet perfection in extreme odds, yes, the aerodynamics of the elegant spade is a class in itself. The outstanding metal body looks heavy as anything but is actually light as a feather.

The superb styling of the front fascia of the Koenigsegg Agera looks compact but is muscular indeed with improved definition to the outlines of the bumpers. The massive frontal area of the car looks esteemed with the sport grille and the dazzling cunning looking headlights with integrated LED illumination for better visibility. The company logo well suits the esteem of the sport grille with the bonnet smart and sleek sitting untouched and damped. The sides of the car with the large air dams for greater air intake look dashing but are extremely well structured to support the cause and utility.

Koenigsegg Agera Wheel & Tyre PicturesThe front splitter moreover rectifies the complement and takes it to whole new level. The large domes give enough room for sharp aerodynamics and complete the cause with superb finish. Such smart engineering is responsible for putting the Agera on to greater speeds with negligible loss of balance and stride. The rear of the Agera is of equal excellence and the same can be felt by the presence of the elegant placing of the diffuser that acts as an edge to the rear sport spoiler along with the optimized weight balance. The sleek and shining Vortex Generating Rim spokes add a sight of their own to the glance.

The VGR wheels not only add to the appearance of the car but also prove themselves the best on the curvy roads with extra grip and balance. The VGR wheels look extremely stiff and solid however have lesser weight that results in the flying pace of the Agera. More or less, the Agera rocks solid with the minimal amount of load that it just seems to put on. The Agera looks stunning with the roofline being quite damped yet with a small crater to adjust your golf clubs on the go. The stunning Agera grabs hold of your eye for several moments of golden astonishment.


Safety and Features in Koenigsegg Agera

The Koenigsegg Agera aces the safety and security aspect quite easily; thanks to the brilliant advancements made by the company in the field of safety and platforms. The Agera has an excellent chassis based and designed on the carbon fiber monocoque that makes it rock solid even without a proper roof.  The strong and bold Agera hence comes resistant to devastating collisions and escapes mishaps quite easily without much damage made to the vehicle body and the driver as well. The chassis is lighter than can be expected that also comes feasible in terms of balance and stride on the roads.

The Aerodynamics of the car as discussed earlier is responsive to the strength as well. Moreover the Koenigsegg Agera has been well blessed with the latest Anti-lock braking mechanism that is quite light weight and damn responsive to performance. The performance oriented racing ABS system definitely makes it matchless than any other hyper car. Different modes can be chosen as to suggest and direct the ABS to react differently respective to each different mode. The brilliant and dynamic ventilated and drilled ceramic discs make it possible for the ABS system to deliver unparalleled braking facilitation and no chances of failure at all. The Koenigsegg Agera is surprisingly safer even when chasing light even at sheer talking speeds.


Koenigsegg Agera Driving and Handling

Koenigsegg Agera Steering Wheel PicturesThe Koenigsegg Agera comes a delight to the grip of your hands. The steering is matchless and makes no fade to the everlasting responsiveness that it carries. The dedicated Michelin tires provide marvelous grip and race on the roads. The curves and turns have nothing to do with the qualitative performance of the Agera. The advanced suspension along with the sharp aerodynamics of the car makes it achieve a pace that is unreachable and outstandingly matchless. The handling does not fade even on slippery surfaces; such is the responsiveness of the tires and steering mechanism.

Moreover the VGR- Vortex Generating Rim Spokes are the real heroes of the Agera. The individual wheel mechanism of the car along with these rims makes it face the correct direction for extraction. The minimalistic weight of these rims contributes to the blazing speed of the Agera.  Rest everything that involves the interior semiconductor electronic devices and controls along with the lithium battery shapes out to be incredibly successful and well in hand with the new Agera that redefines technology and innovation like anything. There is no question regarding the excellent braking mechanism already discussed in the safety section. The suspension of the car is however a hot issue. The longest wish bones in the segment make Agera invincible in terms of losing any deviation during extreme cornering. The strong yet light aluminum uprights of the Agera make it deliver excellent control, handling and comfort. The bearings are a marvel and the carbon fiber cooling ducts of the disc brakes maximize brake cooling. The Agera has answer to everything that comes its way, even when it competes some top luxury cars in terms of driving and comfort.


Koenigsegg Agera Accessories

The loud and outstanding CD/ DVD changer with the stereo system of the car along with mind blowing woofers and amplifiers makes the Agera a complete rock star. The stereo system of the Agera delivers crystal clear acoustics in the cabin. Other accessories include leather sewing packages, rims, roof scuffs, spoilers, bumpers kits, decals, GPS, voice integration module and telecommunication module.    


Koenigsegg Agera Conclusion

The Koenigsegg Agera is a passionate choice for those who live to race and race to live, wondrous of the amazing features that this hot Koenigsegg carries, it is definitely the matchless hyper car ever born. The Airborne is superbly invincible and unbeatable.

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