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Monday, July 04, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Cars based on diesel podium to be the main hub of Ford India

With the hike in petrol prices, diesel-run cars will be the centre of Ford India in future commences.

The Executive Director of Ford India, Mr. Nigel Wark enlightened media with the information that due to hike in petrol prices, the attention of the company has swayed in the direction of cars run by diesel.

He added that by the middle of decade, Ford India had in stratagem eight products instigation.

The proposal of these imminent products is based on diesel and this has brought the manufacturers of diesel cars under a lot of pressure.

Timing a transaction numeral of 83,000 units in 2010, Ford India has currently accomplished a sale stature of 58,000 units.

Mr. Nigel Wark alleged that this year in 2011 they will be achieving the target of one lakh.

He further held that as the car industry is budding at the rate of 17%, the endeavour of Ford India is to inflate at a quicker tempo.

The new small car commenced by Ford India has a key approach in the company’s sales.

Mr. Wark conversed that Ford India is exporting the Ford Figo to 50 countries.

Some of the popular hatchback models in the Indian auto market are Toyota Etios LivaMaruti SwiftHyundai i10 and Volkswagen Polo. Apart from these popular models, cars going to hit the Indian roads this year are Chevrolet Beat Diesel, Maruti Cervo and New Ford Fiesta.

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