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Thursday, April 28, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Cars coming to India from Beijing Motor Show 2016

International Motor Shows have always the best platform for International car makers to exhibit their creativity among the car aspirants across the world. The latest edition of Beijing Motor Show 2016 also witnessed launches and unveiling of various remarkable cars by renowned car manufacturers. An interesting feature behind the popularity of Beijing Motor Show is due to excessive demands of cars in Chinese car market and therefore car makers are keen to begin the journey of their new cars from China. Apart from this cars showcased during the Beijing Motor Show make their way directly to Asian car market, and with India also being the biggest car market in Asian car market cars launched during the Beijing Motor Show are subsequently launched in Indian car market.  Now as the new jewels from the bags of car makers are out there are same cars which will soon make their debut in Indian car market sometime during this year. So why not let us have glimpses of India bound that were launched during the show.
1. Mercedes Benz E-Class LWB: Going through the huge demand of Long Wheel Base vehicles in Chinese car market, all car makers offer vehicles with long wheel base in China. Going through this trend German car maker Mercedes Benz introduced its E-Class car with long wheel base during the show. It is reported that the same version of E- Class will also make its way to Indian car market during this year as it is also one of the 12 cars that are proposed by German car maker for Indian car market in 2016. 
Mercedes Benz E-Class LWB
2. Audi TT RS: Going through the cut throat completion between German car maker Audi and Mercedes Benz, Audi has successfully launched the RS version of TT sports coupe during the Beijing Motor Show.  According to sources of company as Audi TT RS would be sold in global car market it is speculated that RS version of Audi TT would also be introduced in car market as its predecessor is already being on sale in India.
Audi TT RS
3. Honda Avancier: The Avancier SUV from Japanese car maker Honda Motors was showcased and succeeded in receiving an encouraging response from visitors. The conceptual version of this SUV was showcase last year during Shanghai Motor Show 2015 as concept D.  Proposed to be offered above HR-V and C-RV the SUV will make it way to Indian car market once it is launched in International car market.
Honda Avancier
4. Hyundai Verna: The unit of Verna sedan was although the conceptual version of this best selling car by Korean car maker.  The changes introduced are  similar to those offered in facelift Elite i20 hatchback. It is assumed that once the final version of this sedan is out it will soon be launched in Indian car market. As it is known that existing version of Hyundai Verna is one of the best car offered by carmaker.
Hyundai Verna
5. Porsche Cayman 718: The refreshed version of Porsche Cayman was showcased by German car maker at Beijing. The upgraded Cayman is developed on 4 cylinder turbocharged engine replacing the conventional 6 cylinder unit. Launch of this car by car maker in Indian car market is soon going to take place in coming months.
Porsche Cayman 718

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