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Thursday, June 14, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Cars in India to have fuel efficiency rating soon

Guess what energy efficiency rating Chevrolet Beat Diesel or Tata Nano or Toyota Prius will have when soon cars in India will fuel efficiency rating on them just as there is energy star rating on electric goods. These should have 5 Stars on them for sure. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India will soon be putting fuel rating stars on cars starting April 1 next year. As per the preliminary findings, there are 105 cars that have been found to be under the 3 star category while there are 69 other car models that are awarded 2 stars while there are 72 car models in India that received a 1 Star rating in the preliminary assessment. Only 32 cars were found eligible for 5 Stars while most of the others were in the 4 star category.

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Now car buyers will be able to assess well before buying a car and thus comparing will also be easier. On the other hand, it is reportedly known that there could have been a similar rating mechanism as Euro NCAP that assesses and rates cars on the basis of certain safety parameters. In India there is ARAI though to assess and certify the mileage delivery by cars but there is no existing mechanism for rating cars for their fuel efficiency. This mechanism will help achieve success in curbing pollution as well as putting a check on highly polluting and inefficient cars in India.

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The final mechanism is under development and as per the available information; the car with a 5 star rating will be the most fuel efficient car in India while the one with 1 star on it will be the least one. As per the initial survey conducted by BEE, only 16 percent of the cars are energy efficient and the cars are also bulky that reduces their fuel efficiency a lot. Also, out of the total 330 car models only 32 cars managed to get  5 star rating while 52 for four stars. The study also reportedly revels that the highest number of cars sold currently are in the four star category.

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Vikas Jain

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Chevrolet Beat looks really stunning,comfortable interiors and excellent fuel economy.

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