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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Chevrolet Cruze - The Winner of 2011

The subsidiary of General Motors, Chevrolet has submitted the tremendous growth with the sales of around five million units in the previous year, covered more than half of the automotive market across the world. The Chevrolet Silverado and Chevrolet Cruze are the two most admired models offered by the company, having great contribution in the entire success. All around the world, United States was the Bowtie’s best sales market with the total Chevrolet sales of 1, 775, 812 units. Company has strong grip over the top ten automotive markets including United States, Brazil, China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uzbekistan, India, and Colombia.

Chevrolet Cruze Pictures

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The company has sold 415, 130 units of the pick-up truck, Chevrolet Silverado in Canada, Uzbekistan and Argentina, defeating its main contender Ford F-150 with the sales of more than half million units. Only in Canada, 40, 523 units were sold. On the other side, the Uzbekistan market has reported the sales of 121, 584 Chevys units over the 27,686 Daewoo Nubiras units.


Chevrolet Cruze Pictures

See More Chevrolet Cruze Pictures Get Chevrolet Cruze Price

In Indian market company has once again proved to be doing remarkable making its presence much stronger, Chevrolet Spark sold 36,198 units in the previous year. Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Corsa Classics and Chevrolet Celtas have reported the delivery of 31, 665 units in Mexico & 3, 883 units in Colombia; 46, 352 units in Argentina and 148, 960 units in Brazil respectively.

The one of the most successful Chevrolet Cruze have registered the total sales of 231, 722 units in America and 203, 719 units in China. As per the expert’s speculations, if company keeps on moving with the same pace, it will achieve 7.6 per cent growth in 2012.

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