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The launch of Chevrolet Sail UVA  is here at a starting price of Rs 4.44 lakh. Presented in four petrol and three diesel variants, the Sail UVA is seen as the prime rival of the best selling hatchback in its segment Maruti Swift. But at this price, will the Sail UVA be able to give some resistance to Swift? Is putting the starting price exactly the same as that of Swift (at the time of launch) will make it stand in competition with it? Are the brand value, legacy and a trust for Maruti will cease to matter just by seeing that the price of the Swift and the Sail UVA are the similar? Let’s find answer to such questions.



Price compare Sail VS Swift

Chevrolet Sail UVA variants Price, ex-showrrom Delhi Maruti Swift Variants Price, ex-showrrom Delhi
Chevrolet Sail UVA Petrol STD Rs 4.44 lakh Maruti Swift Petrol LXI Rs 4.93 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Petrol LS Rs 4.83 lakh Maruti Swift Petrol VXI Rs 5.72 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Petrol LS ABS Rs 5.18 lakh Maruti Swift Petrol ZXI Rs 5.57 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Petrol LT ABS Rs 5.58 lakh Maruti Swift Diesel LDI Rs 5.57 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel LS Rs 5.87 lakh Maruti Swift Diesel VDI Rs 5.99 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel LS ABS Rs 6.19 lakh Maruti Swift Diesel ZDI Rs 6.82 lakh
Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel LT ABS Rs 6.62 lakh  


The first thing that a car sees is the brand. Chevrolet is a brand that has maintained its visibility by offering such cars which are known for their mileage and performance. Chevrolet Tavera and Chevrolet Beat Diesel are the best examples in different segments. On the other hand, Maruti cars are known for their dependability, performance and high value for money. Equally important to mention is the resale value. Still no other car can match the resale value of Swift.

Chevrolet Sail UVA and Maruti Swift base and top end model comparison


Chevrolet Sail UVA STD Maruti Swift LXI Chevrolet Sail UVA LT ABS Maruti Swift ZDI
1. Dual Tone Interiors Single Shade Fabric Interiors 1.Leather clad Steering  & Gear Knob No Leather Inserts
2. Front Power Windows No Power Windows 2. Washer & Wiper at Front, rear Defogger  2-speed Wiper At Front
3. Power Adjustable Outside Mirrors  Manually Adjustable ORVMS 3.CD/MP3/FM with Aux, USB and Bluetooth  Music Player Present, But no Bluetooth 
4. 60:40 Spilt & folding Rear Seat Rear Seat Back Folding 4. Speed sensing door locks  No Speed Sensing Doors
5. Front Height Adjustable Headrest No Adjustable Options at Front 5. Climate control absent Climate control with AC


Another factor that drives the psyche of the car buyers is the presence of this hatch in the country and how it has been taken. Swift has been for 7 years now and it has been tried tested, proved and again proved to be a car that anybody can buy blindfoldedly. However, the Sail is a new car and it is not from Chevrolet but from its Chinese partner. In spite of all these negatives there are big plus in favour of the Sail as well.

Looking at overall exteriors of both the cars, Maruti Swift easily emerges winner as it has got the sportiness of a compact hatch, while Sail looks a bit of old school sorts. But thanks to the signature-grille and Cruze-like vertical headlamps it bestows a bold appearance. Conversely, looking closely at the width, one can be relieved with the fact that Sail is bound to be spacious from inside, albeit Swift looks dubious on this juncture.

Chevrolet Sail UVA Pictures

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Now this is called interior S-P-A-C-E. There is very adequate scope for 5, better leg-room, head-room and knee-room too. Moreover, at rear seat cushioning you get sofa-like feeling, which is rarity in modern-day hatchbacks, also wide rear-glass-windows make you sense openness and not claustrophobic like Swift. Lots of storage and more storage in the form of rear 60:40 split and flat-folding seats alongside large boot compared to Swift makes UVA voluminous.         

There is dual tone dash to counter the all-black dashboard of Swift. The steering is very stylish with use of chrome in Swift against plain looking UVA’s. There is no auto climate control, steering mounted audio controls and seat height adjust for driver. The music system is superior compared to that in Sail UVA, whereas absence of Bluetooth connectivity is felt in Swift. The feature of USB and AUX-in connectivity is at hand in the two.


Maruti Swift Pictures

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On the performance output and ride-handling in city conditions, Sail UVA Diesel is ahead of Swift offering better grip. On the braking and high speed stability aspect both are accurate, while Sail grunts slightly louder with when revved up higher. Furthermore, the safety element is handled with decent care in the two with ABS, EBD and others.


Maruti Swift Pictures

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The first foremost thing that will work in support of Sail UVA will be high-waiting period for Maruti Swift. Another is the practicality/versatility aspect, also some upper hand on features and better ride quality will make it an instant hit in the segment beating out Swift tolerably.

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