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Monday, July 25, 2016

By Kriti Gupta

Damage of Rs. 30 lakh speculated in fire at four automobile workshops

Fire arised from short circuit has damaged four automobile workshops located at Krishnagiri- Chennai National Highway on Saturday 23, July 2016 morning. According to an estimate the cost of total damage has been around Rs. 30 lakh which includes damage to bikes, tractors, spare parts of vehicles, and various other small equipments. Reports reveal that fire from a short circuit broke out in an auto repair shop located on highway which further extended into three other workshops located close to it.  It took three hours to fire brigade services to control the fire.
According to sources for fire brigade and rescue team, the heavy winds highly contributed in exploring the fire in neighbored workshops. It is reported that fire broke out on Saturday morning around 2 A.M, when smokes were witnessed coming out from the workshop, which within the span of few minutes caught other workshops also in its arm. It is speculated that the damage would have been more, if fire and rescue services had made any kind of delayed in implementing their efforts for controlling the fire.
The items damaged include four tractors parked for repair inside the workshop are reported to be completely damaged. Apart from this the front fascia of two trucks and four bikes is also reported to get damaged in fire.

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