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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

By John Andrew

Datsun to sale Datsun Go under flagship of Nissan Motors

Datsun the subsidiary of Japanese auto giant Nissan will launch its ever first product in Indian car market Datsun Go, under flagship of its company Nissan Motors, which is an established name in Indian car market since its entrance. Datsun Go was unveiled by Nissan in July this year and will be launched for sale during the early months of 2014 which will be followed by introduction few more vehicles in Indian car market under the same brand name.
In the words of Mr. Vincent Cobee, Global head of Datsun, introducing Datsun Go and other upcoming products of company under the flagship of Nissan Motors will symbolize natural way of starting company’s operation in Indian car market. In words of Mr. Cobee, company is overwhelmed on launching their established brand – Datsun in India and intends to bring new more vehicles in Indian market after its launch. According to Mr. Cobee Datsun Go is one of the highly acclaimed vehicles of company which received an appreciating response from customers.
According to sources company will sale out Datsun through existing dealers of Nissan Motors in India who are well established in Indian car market. This will facilitate company to establish its position more strongly in Indian car market. Along with India Datsun Go will be also sold in car markets of Russia, Indonesia and South Africa.

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