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Monday, October 03, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Dawn of a new era: Smart cars are on the rampage

The current era is flooded with tablet computers and smart-phones...very true. What next? The succeeding is the internet-enabled and latest gadgets packed car models; the latest Frankfurt Auto Show which is held in Germany confirms that. Gone are the days when the car enthusiasts were infatuated with the dominant engine and class-apart designs.

The drivers will be able to keep themselves updated about their social networking status even on the move and access their online accounts. Hence, the cars in coming future will no longer be termed as the medium of transportation, instead an extension of their office or residence.

An onboard PC with internet access facilitates the car driver to locate an ATM or a nearby restaurant just by clicking some links and this is available with BMW - the Germany based supreme automobile manufacturer offers. Another German automaker and contender of BMW; Daimler is not to be ignored as the driver is permitted to use internet in its new inherent computer as long as the car is parked.

According to Mr. Raith of Booz and Company- a consultancy firm, a winning vehicle should adjust itself with the ecological consciousness of the people and must deliver comfort along with lifestyle.

In the forthcoming years the craze for the Internet-enabled automobiles will catch a new high, as recommended by various studies.

On the other hand, the new evolution has some drawbacks as well, for instance distraction of the driver. Taking on the security concerns, the renowned American anti-virus software company, McAfee has warned of a likely cyber attack on the computer systems of the car.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

BMW comes in the most popular and smart cars maker.

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