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Monday, September 12, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Diesel Cars getting a hold of the Indian market

Diesel cars are quickly gaining their edge on petrol variants. The price gap between petrol and diesel has widened, and thus the demand for diesel cars has increased significantly. The diesel cars are pricier than petrol ones, but this is not stopping people from buying them.

In August, diesel cars made the 56% percent of total car sales. These figures were 39% in July last year. Chevrolet Beat, Volkswagen Polo, Maruti Swift and Ford Figo, have collectively accounted for 70% of the whole sales figure.

The figure of Diesel car sales has now risen to 64%. Last year, of all of Maruti Suzuki's sales, 55% were Diesel variants. Whereas, this figure is now gone up to 85%.

Maruti Suzuki's Marketing Sales Executive Office, Mayank Pareek said that nobody expected this at all. Ford Figo diesel variant has accounted for 75% of the total sales, this year. Volkwagon Polo diesel variant accounted for 70% of total sales, last year. Volkwagon has always stressed on diesel cars. This has benefited the company a lot. Volkswagon's Director, Neeraj Garg, said that the demand for diesel cars will further increase, as the technology is getting better and better. Toyota too, with the launch of Toyota Etios Diesel sedan and Etios Liva Diesel hatchback, is gaining up in the race. Toyota's diesel cars made it to 70% of all its sales.

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