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Thursday, November 01, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Duster helps to give Renault much needed push

Looks like Renault Duster has spun its magic want for Renault India. The Renault sales in the month of October 2012 has gone up marginally, which has not only strengthen the position of company in the Indian car bazaar, but has also put Renault in direct competition with car makers like Hyundai, Volkswagen and Mahindra and Mahindra. 


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If the figures are taken into account, the car company managed to sell about 6790units in October 2012. From this, 5406 units are of Renault Duster, 737 units of Renault Scala, 107 units of Renault Fluence, 57 units of Renault Koleos and 483 units of Renault Pulse. This is by far the best sales record that has been registered by Renault since May 2011, when it first brought in its premium sedan, Renault Fluence. As compared to last October, the company had merely two cars in the market, Fluence and Koleos, which accounted only 173 units of sales. In last seventeen months, the car maker has introduced about five models that have received an overwhelming response from the Indian consumers. The Renault Duster SUV launched by the firm recently has been the best one amongst the lot. 
On the occasion of registering the highest record of sales in company’s Indian profile, the MD of the company (India) was extremely pleased with the sales figures. Renault India has been trying its level best to lure the Indian consumers and these efforts have proved to be very successful in the country. The consumers here have accepted the Renault products with open arms and Duster is the most special amongst those. The company is also working on its dealership network and trying to push the sales even further. 
Hopefully, Renault India will keep moving on and win over the serious and cutthroat competition in the Indian car bazaar.

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