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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

By Kriti Gupta

Factors to be considered before buying a car for your family

Finding the right car according to your needs is not an easy task. Especially, when it comes to your family, you will need to look up the market and will have to compare lots of cars that fulfill your requirements. The car should be specious so that your complete family can go on a drive no matter if your family is of 7. There are many things to consider for a family car like comfort, room, good performance and above all fuel efficiency. 
There are some steps to be followed while purchasing a new family car: 
1. Setting up the budget: The first thing to be considered that the budget should be planned before purchasing a new car. If you have enough money then you can go and buy a new car but if you do not have much money then you will need to purchase the car on monthly basis. You can plan a lower interest rates with a long-term savings for your car but you will also need to include the insurance of your new car. You will also need to manage the debt payments that you will make each month. If you have planned your budget, you can start looking at your new family car.
2. Test driving: Once, you have finalized which car to purchase, you will hit the showroom and will love to see the performance of the car by test driving. The things to be considered while testing the car should be the comfort level, the requirements you were looking for your family, how easily to get in and get out of the car? Such things should be concerned during the test driving and if your all needs fulfill, you can bring it to your home. 
3. Safety: The look matters but the safety is also important. Is the car following all the safety rules that are essential? Are seat-belts are capable enough to keep you safe? Are airbags working properly? You need to check the other features such as anti-lock brakes, blind-spot notification systems, traction control, use of high-strength steel, stability control, adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warnings. The vehicle should achieve a good rating in its four testing categories that are published in a list by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 
4. Space: As mentioned above, the car should be spacious so that all the family members could get in and enjoy the ride. Check the storage space available for glove boxes, under-seat storage, cup holders and water bottle holders. 
5. Using the car: It is most important that how you will use your car  on the daily basis. You need to think about it because if your routine is to dropping the kids to their schools, reaching to your office, nice fuel economy and the town maneuverability might matter. You can purchase a small car if you have the above requirements. A large SUV can be considered if you buy a car to go on vacation with your family. 

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