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Thursday, February 21, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Ferrari creates new sales record in 2012, sells 7318 cars

All Economists of the world are wrong. There is no economic depression in Europe or US or any part of the world. If it were there Italian car maker Ferrari too had to suffer slow sales. On the contrary, year 2012 has been one of the best ever for the car maker with the most exceptional sales ever. So it is sure that people are willing to spend for their passion and the prancing horse cars including Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California and others. Meanwhile a Hungarian woman salesperson has also sold 11 Bugatti Veyron cars in one year and that also shows that there is no dearth of the most premium car buyers in the world.

Ferrari 458 Italia Pictures

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As per the news reports, the car maker has received such a tremendous response for the first time in the last 66 years. Reports also said that Ferrari sold as many as 7300 cars in the year 2012 making a new record for itself. It was only in 2008 that the car maker was able to sell some good number of its cars across the globe. Notably, India to has as many as four Ferrari cars available and it is believed that India has a major contribution in achieving this never before success.  

Due to the unprecedented sales, the net profit of Ferrari has risen to over 17 percent and the car maker has got a fresh life in order to come up with some of the new cars in the coming months. The latest new Ferrari car coming up will be the Ferrari F150 that will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show starting in the first week of March. Meanwhile, Ferrari is also rumored to launch some new cars in India this year and that will take the number of cars to over a dozen.

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