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Monday, March 25, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Fiat 1.3L MultiJet diesel engine gains popularity, Fiat rolls out 5 millionth unit

It is there under the hood of Maruti Swift. It is there in Tata Indica Vista, it is there under the hood of Maruti Ertiga and there are lot many cars that are powered by it. This engine is none other than Fiat 1.3 L Mulitjet engine. Not only in India, the Italian car maker has been supplying this highly frugal and highly dependable engine to a lot of other car makers. It is the wide use of this engine that its Poland plant has rolled out the 5 millionth (50 lakh) engine recently. Notably, Fiat manufactures this engine at its plants and supplies it to other car makers worldwide including almost half a dozen car makers in India.  

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The recent addition of the BSIV Premier Rio SUV sports a Fiat multijet engine, the Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire have 1.3 L miltijet engine and it seems that worldwide as well over 50 lakh cars have this engine under the hood. The reason why this engine is so popular among car makers is that it is highly dependable engine and is highly frugal as well. Delivering over 85 bhp, this engine has been tried and tested in so many cars now that this engine can be called to the votary of diesel revolution in India, at least. It is the high level of trust in a diesel engine that this engine evokes. Otherwise, in India, diesel engines such as those under the hood of Hindustan Ambassador or the erstwhile Mahindra Jeep were highly cumbersome and needed a chauffeur to handle it as it may be in need of a pump or any other thing anytime. But the 1.3 L multijet engine is maintenance free and it is the reason why car makers using its offer high warranty on their cars.  

This engine sports the Fiat Powertrain Technology and almost all entry level cars such as Fiat Punto, Fiat 500L, Fiat Panda etc. are powered by it. In fact, it is the overwhelming sales of this engine that encouraged Fiat to develop its separate engine assembly unit in various parts of the world. Fiat is in agreement with Maruti, Tata, Premier and other car makers and supplies this diesel engine to them.

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