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Monday, November 19, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Fiat comes up with Fiat 500 EV images

The small car Fiat 500 is soon to have its electric version. The images of the same have come up recently from. The car is scheduled to have a world debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show that is all set to commence on November 30. The new Fiat 500 model will be one of the worth addition to the lineup of 500 cars such as 500X and 500L besides the 500 hatchback. In India as well, the 500 is highly awaited and it will be launched as per the expansion plans of the Italian car maker. The petrol version of this car is expected to take a price tag of Rs 14 lakh in India. The 500EV will be competing with the Chevrolet Spark EV that is also going to be unveiled at the LA Motor Show.

Fiat 500 Pictures

See More Fiat 500 Photos Get Fiat 500 Price

The green car 500 EV will be showcased at the LA Motor Show and it is believed that a launch will be nearby. It is also believed that the car will be able to meet the rising demand for an electric car that is both performance driven as well as frugal. The 500 EV will be a mix of this and it’s latest images have revealed that the car will have a lot of design improvements that will distinguish it from the gasoline and other variants. The car has also been made more aerodynamic in order to attain maximum performance out of the electric motor. It also has contrasting colors and a new bumper and new wheels.

See More Fiat 500 Photos Get Fiat 500 Price

The interiors have also been redesigned and a lot of lightweight plastic has been used to shed as many kilos as it can. The images shown by Fiat are that of an orange color clad car with white interiors. The interiors have been redesigned with the electric car in mind and there is no gear lever. There are buttons that control the electric power unit fitted in the 500 EV.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

The LA auto show has been very important because at this mega auto portal most of car makers are displaying electric models of their vehicles. After Chevrolet Spark EV the Fiat 500 EV has also come out. It seems that the demand for electric vehicle across the glob will soon go up.

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