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Monday, September 10, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Fiat opens exclusive service centre in Pune

Fiat India has planned its comeback in India after a long no hustle bustle under the umbrella of Tata Motors. Now that Fiat India is on its own, it has opened its first service centre in Pune which is operated by Fiat. Notably, till now the two Fiat cars in India – Fiat Linea sedan and Fiat Punto were sold, serviced by Fiat at the Tata facilities across India. Soon Fiat realized that it will not be able to grow its operations in the country if it remains under the shadow of Tata and then it had severed its ties with it recently. It was soon after the start of solo operations that the car maker has launched the Fiat Punto Sport that became the most powerful diesel hatchback in India beating the Maruti Swift, Tata Indica or other cars in its segment.

Fiat Linea Pictures

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But experts believe that opening new showrooms or service centres will do seldom good to the car maker and what is needed is some very attractive offerings. If the demand is there, then only there is some point in expanding the infrastructure, said one of the industry expert. It is a pity that where Fiat 1.3 L multijet engine is power over seven brand cars including the best selling hatchback Maruti Swift and its rival Tata Indica as well as the recently launched Premier Rio Multijet, Fiat cars seldom pick in terms of sales and the car maker remains one of the least sold vehicle maker.

Fiat Grande Punto Pictures

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Fiat has opened Fiat Café a while ago celebrating its separation with Tata and now the first service centre is a victory for the car maker. Experts believe that the car maker has potential to offer some of the hit models in India such as Fiat 500 and others but it is not less than a wonder what is keeping the car maker from launching new Fiat cars in India.

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Arvind Saini

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wow it's good news for me, because i have Fiat Grande Punto and am also live in pune.

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