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Friday, March 02, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Flying car Transition coming at NY Auto Show

Flying cars were a reality restricted to films only. Now it is 2012 and it is time to see these in action and the best place to see such a car is at the upcoming New York International Auto Show commencing on April 6. US based roadable aircraft manufacturer Terrafugia Inc. will be showcasing the Transition at the ten day event mega auto event. Though a prototype, the Transition is a car/plane in toto. One can fly it, can play on road, and do all what an aircraft or a car can do. However, you cannot put it to offroading but you can surely take an aerial view of SUVs jumping on sand. The ten day event will also be showcasing a lot of cars and is a prominent auto show after the Geneva Motor Show starting March 8.

The Transition is a roadable aircraft and has wings that can fold if it is to be used as a car. The plane car has propellers and aircraft essentials enabling it to be flown in air just like an aircraft. The two seater aircraft car can fold its wings and then it works as a car. The Transition has made its appearance at a variety of auto events but the debut at New York International Auto Show is seen to boost its worldwide appearance. The project Transition started in 2006 and since then there were many prototypes made and displayed at various auto shows. However this prototype is production ready and is expected to start delivering the flying car to its customers by this year end after some rigorous tests scheduled next month.

Cliff Allen, Terrafugia Inc. vice president of sales has reportedly said that it will be the first time that Transition will appear before such a large general interest audience at the NY Auto Show. The expected Transition price will be Rs 1.40 crore ($279,000). Hope there will be lots of Indian takers of Transition when there are more potholes than roads and one wish to fly if stuck in a traffic jam.

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