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Friday, April 27, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Folding Car comes to the rescue for shrinking parking spaces

Whenever a new car is introduced in the country the critics segment and at times even the conscious consumers start to yell that, where are the parking spaces? But, soon they won’t be seen asking the same. Since our very own engineering students have found a permanent solution to address this concern with their invention of ‘Folding Car’. Yes, you heard it right. A car that can transform its length in order to get it fitted in the available parking space and enlarges as per your convenience when carried to road.

This innovative realization is made possible by final year students Ashwani, Abhishek, Badal, Bhumit and Sunnish Srivastava of CT Polytechnic, Jalandhar (Punjab-India). According to them, the overall compact structure of the car is designed keeping in mind the shortage of space that we come across in our day-to-day life (while parking a vehicle), for instance; congested parking lots and small garage.

The car that is basically a four-seater converts itself into a two-seater with a span of few seconds with the assistance of advanced hydraulic level that directs the low-friction rollers resulting in offering a drawer like to-and-fro movement.

The car that is being used for the research purpose of this admirable initiative is none other than famous ‘Maruti 800’. In the full stretched out version (measuring 3327mm) the car provides ample legroom to rear occupants, while on contraction (measuring 2870mm) the back seats can be folded down. And that becomes more of a modern sports car, with harm to the boot space.

As per the skillful students, the formation of basic structure has cost around Rs 1.40 Lakh. Furthermore, to suit the modifications of the folding car, the exhaust system and floor panel has been tweaked and redesigned, which provides a rigid base structure. While more improvements are needed to be done in coming days.

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