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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford and General Motors inviting third-party developers to build some exceptional smart apps for cars

Engineers at the world's largest automobile component engineering centre in Bangalore are projecting with a work which they believe would reveal the automobile industry’s future. Bosch, the electronics and engineering unit is said to be developing a code, using which the developers would be able to build applications that would be beneficial in car driving. These applications would be somewhat like the Google and Apple applications used in smart phones, but would be created considering the automobile industry. The cunning car makers are establishing platforms for the third party developers to innovate such applications.

It is said that auto-grands like General Motors and Ford are projecting on an app ecosystem that will enable the buyers to change and compute power within a car. Moreover, such applications would assist the driver in accelerating better and would also navigate them in a better way. It will also tell the driver about the weather conditions and would also boost-up the overall entertainment.

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The quantity of semiconductor equipped in the modern car would help in the construction of this ecosystem. It is also said that with around 150-200 chips in a car, ample of applications could be developed that would facilitate in monitoring accurate weather conditions, increasing fuel efficiency and availing the driving assistance.

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Busmaster, a software from Bosch can wade through an automobile's nervous system, the CAN bus, thereby letting in the messages from scores of electronic control units. The CAN bus (Controller Area Network bus) performs the task of transferring data between these electronic control units. These electronic units, then perform various tasks like power windows, wiper blades etc.

Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions, Vice-president Engineering Unit, Sri Krishnan V stated that such applications are speculated to be the ethics of automotive sector and it will also signify about the upcoming innovations. He added that the business model in auto industry is conceiving at a fast rate and everyone wants to inspect what is going in the consumer electronics.

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