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Friday, December 14, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford EcoSport 7 Seater, are you coming?

Ford EcoSport is one of the most awaited cars in India now. This one comes under sub-4 meter category for India, which means a bit less space and lots of reduction on the excise duty. Currently, in the Indian car bazaar, Mahindra Quanto SUV is sub-4 meter and still manages to adjust 7 people inside. Therefore, to its competition Ford EcoSport 7-Seater might come to India and give a hard time to Quanto. 



Ford EcoSport Pictures

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So far, Ford has always delivered top-notch cars, which were not only comfortable for the front passengers, but also relaxed the rear seat occupants in terms of space. Company’s international B Platform is the foundation of EcoSport, so it would surely come out with flying colors. However, the excitement about EcoSport 7-seater is that will it be able to adjust seven people as Quanto did?
According to the global reports, the car is a little less on the rear cabin as compared to Quanto, but as it has 10cm wheelbase more than the five-seater variant, it won’t disappoint car consumers’ in India. With the increase in space, the car is expected to be expensive than the five seater variant and obviously no reduction in the excise duty as it will be 4.34 meters in length. 
If we think practically, it would be sensible for Ford to bring in the seven-seater variant of Ford EcoSport to India as well. The main reason behind this thinking is that joint Indian families love a big car and they would love to take ride together. There is already an example in the Indian car market with Maruti Ertiga. The car is a seven seater and is quite successful since the time of its launch. Even Renault made an effort with Duster and installed two jump seats in the car to make Renault Duster seven seater. 

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