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Monday, December 31, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford EcoSport caught in action again

SUVs in bright yellow color are not very common anywhere across the globe, not even in the colorful country of India. But Ford India is in the mood of experiment. For its Ford EcoSport crossover, the company has actually painted the car in yellow, which was recently spot during its test runs on Chennai roads. Apart from this vibrant colour, the company has also plans to bring this SUV in white, savanna orange and kinetic blue. The Ford EcoSport Crossover is expected to arrive in India in early 2013.


Ford EcoSport Pictures

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The yellow colored EcoSport quite resembles to the yellow shade that is available in Ford Figo. Yellow however is quite bright and youthful and having a yellow colored car would definitely make your stand out amongst the regular crowd here. On the other hand, if we take a look at the recent past, we see many other car makers have released their cars in yellow colors, which also comprise of Tata Nano. But if we talk about EcoSport, being present in yellow will make the road presence of the car much stronger and peppy. 
Besides the yellow paint, Ford EcoSport is one of the most awaited cars for the country since the time it was unveiled at the 11th Auto Expo that was held in Delhi in January 2012. The unique appearance of the car is one of the major highlights here.  Apparently, the car will be launched in both diesel and petrol engine options, which would make it much more practical and viable. Another interesting fact about EcoSport is its length. The car comes under sub-4 meter category. 
The car will be facing a head to head competition with Renault Duster, which became a runaway success since the time it was launched in India. Ford will be launching Ford EcoSport with a decent price tag of Rs. 7 lakh. If yellow isn’t the right color for you, then Ford EcoSport might also be launched in Electric Blue color, similar to one in Ford Fiesta sedan.

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