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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford Ecosport to be showcased at malls in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore starting March 15

It is official and it is a breaking news. The first showcase of the Indian Ford EcoSport will be at a series of Malls in important cities starting March 15. This display will be in consonance of the Ford Ecosport Urban Discoveries Campaign and an unveil at important destinations such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore means that the Ford car will have instant popularity and this will also set in a craze for this SUV. It is here that people will be able to see the Ecosport in its real production ready form and the same will be launched finally. Already the car maker has started media activities for this car and already the TV ads, online ads and social media promotion is in full force. Thus Ford is leaving no stone unturned to make the Ford car popular in less time.

Ford Ecosport Pictures

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As per the schedule on the official website of the car maker, the Ecosport will be displayed at Infinity Mall in Mumbai from March 15 to March 17. In this period it will also be showcased at Saket Mall in New Delhi. Gurgaon will witness the car at Ambience Mall starting March 22 while it will be displayed at Bangalore from March 29. Thus from March 15 onwards we can expect that it is the official release of the Ecosport in India.
The display at the malls across these major cities of India is part of the strategy to target the youth as it is the youth who most flock in these malls and it is they who are the prime clientele of this car. Encouraging them to explore this new car will mean turning a lot of them into prospective buyers and further into actual buyers. The display is a part of the Urban Discoveries event and this will also include entries for the event.

Ford Ecosport Pictures Ford Ecosport Steering Wheel Picture  Ford Ecosport Rear Angle View Picture  Ford Ecosport Rear Angle View Picture Ford Ecosport Front Seats Picture  Ford Ecosport Tail Light Picture

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