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Monday, June 11, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Ford Figo facelift might get push-button start and keyless entry

Few days back we brought you the news that Ford India is developing a facelift version of its famous hatchback, Ford Figo which was seen being tested on the roads across India of late. To make sure that Figo’s facelift lives up to the expectations of the customers Ford India is testing the hatch rigorously; the test mule sneaked earlier in Chennai was covered with camouflage on front and rear.

Ford Figo Pictures

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The hatch was seen yet again which suggested that Ford will not make any major change in the hatchback, it will be just few cosmetic touch ups given here and there. Speculations also suggest that the new version of Figo will come equipped with a start-stop button and keyless go which are present in the new gen hatchbacks like Nissan Micra and Hyundai i20. Ford India corroborated the Keyless go technology on a prototype, this feature is quite simple in which there is no requirement to remove the keys to unlock the car, the car will unlock automatically if the remote key is in your hand or pocket. The door will open with a touch of button outside the door handle which will open the door.


Ford Figo Pictures

See More Ford Figo Photos Get Ford Figo Price

Another feature which new Figo could come equipped with is a start stop button which is slowly being a part of cars present in B segment. The car will start only when the start stop button is pressed thrice. The first touch will start the music system, second activates electrical and the third touch would turn the engine on. This feature could also be offered in the present generation Figo as an accessory, therefore the current Figo can also be upgraded with the same feature. One has to dole out Rs 30,000 from his/her pocket to get this feature on Figo. With the addition of this new feature in the Figo facelift will keep the hatchback abreast with its rivals.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The car has very stylish and sporty body design which its impressive and cute features.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I like the start-stop button feature. It is very cool.

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