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Thursday, March 21, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Ford Figo start-stop and vehicle tracking system for Rs 30K

If you own a Ford Figo hatchback, you can now get a retrofitted start-stop and security system installed in your Figo at a Ford dealership near you. Ford dealers across India have come up with this offer, according to this, the start-stop feature and the vehicle tracking system can be affixed on all trim of Ford Figo except the base model. To get these two features in your Figo, you need to spill out Rs 30,000 from your pocket. Other hatchbacks in India like Nissan Micra also comes with the start-stop feature that works in three stages. The first stage is when the electronics are entirely switched off, the second stage is when the radio is on and the third stage is when all the electronics in the car are switched on.  

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Here, the driver will have to press the brake to commence the car instead of clutch, however in Nissan Micra hatchback it is the other way around. One should keep in mind that the system does not indicate if the key has been taken off from the car. Therefore for the system to give an indication, the car keys remain to be placed in the car. It takes Rs 2,500 to replace the key that is much inexpensive as compared to Nissan Micra where the same thing costs Rs 9,000 (more than three times).

There is not much information about the vehicle tracking system, all we can inform you is that it will enable to receive alerts on mobile and will also give the authority to close the engine through mobile phone if somebody else gets a hold of it. The start-stop and vehicle tracking system are proffered as one package and cannot be affixed separately.

Ford Figo Pictures Ford Figo Pictures Ford Figo Pictures Ford Figo Pictures Ford Figo Pictures

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