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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Ford Focus to sport 1 litre EcoBoost engine

February will be special for Ford Motors, as it will be reentering with Ford Focus in UK. The compact car 2012 Ford Focus is expected to house a 1L EcoBoost petrol engine and with it, it is expected to outshine its rivals. The direct injection technology based engine has turbocharging as well that makes it both powerful and also enables it to return more mileage. Ford Focus with the EcoBoost engine is expected to be launched in UK anytime this month. In India, Ford Focus launch is expected in mid of this year. In UK, Ford Focus will be giving a tough fight to Volkswagen Golf.

Ford Focus Pictures

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Powered by a 125PS, 175Nm engine, Ford Focus can perform to the like of a 1.6L engine powered car and still will be deliver decent mileage. The turbocharged engine is expected to have two power options, 100PS and 125PS. Both the engines promise power delivery and mileage. Ford’s European executive powertrain director Graham Hoare has reportedly said that the 1L EcoBoost engine is the third addition to the family of EcoBoost engine and is the most powerful and super frugal in the sub 130PS category. During the developmental phase, special emphasis was given to reduce the friction inside the engine, he added.


Ford Focus Pictures

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With the EcoBoost engine under the hood, Ford Focus will be more economical to run than a diesel car. The turbocharging further reduces the emissions making the Ford Focus cleaner and able to cope with the emission norms of UK and other countries. Besides low CO2 and other emissions, the car will be saving a lot of money of the car owners by going an extra miles in the same amount of petrol. In addition to this, the Ford Focus will be performing as well and one can expect impressive maneuvering in the city and accelerate on the highways with 100PS, 125PS engine under the bonnet.

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