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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Ford India’s triumph tale by Nigel Wark at CMO Summit

The Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) Summit is programmed to be held in three metros of the country on different dates. In Mumbai it will be held on 21st November, in Bangalore dated 23rd November and finally in Delhi on 25th November. In the meeting representatives will be exchanging views on their company strategies and forthcoming endeavors.

The Executive Director (sales and marketing) for Ford in India, Mr. Nigel Wark will also be attending the occasion. Mr. Wark will be addressing about the shifting mind set of the Indian automobile buyer and their strengthening attraction towards brands. The topic will be of ‘Exciting Indian consumers and ensuring brand relevance'.

In the summit, the Executive Director will spotlight on how Ford India has emerged as a reliable player in the previous couple of years, which resulted in evident growth and improved number of sales month by month.

In the month last passed, the American auto giant in India reported a high of 9.45% at 10,270 units in its sales figures. The maximum share in the sales was of newly launched all-new-Fiesta. The increase in sale arrived at a time, when the Indian auto industry was stumbling under fuel hikes and price rise in the car components. This marks a great prospect ahead for the Ford Motors in the nation.

The launch and sensational success of hatchback Figo in India, led to a new combat among the small car segments. The car became famous, appealed one and all with its class apart features and decent fuel economy and was selected Car of the Year 2011.

The credit for strategic marketing and popularity goes to Mr. Wark, as he possesses immense familiarity and knowledge about marketing and after sales service.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ford achieved the great stage in India very quickly. Now its in a very good position and progressing.

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