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Thursday, May 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford on innovation spree, opens Techshop for its employees to innovate

Ford Motors will be meaning a lot more than Ford Figo, Ford Fiesta or upcoming Ford Ecosport as it will soon be a cave of ideas as well. No doubt, American car maker Ford has always been a synonym for innovation. Now to keep up with its innovation-friendly image, Ford is encouraging its employees to try their hands at innovation by offering three-month Techshop membership absolutely free. But, the company has introduced a rider. To avail the free membership an employee will have to submit an idea to Techshop for invention.

Ford Figo Pictures

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After gaining the membership, the employees would be able to access a full range of tools and other facilities at Techshop as well as the workshop and assembly line. The aim behind the decision of the company is to extract ideas for inventions from among their employees. Ford's Techshop is a place where the employees would get a conducive environment which will inspire the employees to achieve major breakthroughs in technical world. Upon feasibility analysis, Ford could imbibe those ideas in its cars such as upcoming Ford Ecosport or Ford Endeavour etc.

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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It is here that the employees will be developing new things such as the "snow mode" that will help the driver get out of snow jam. The snow safety mode would be beneficial for the drivers who are stuck in deep snow. Similarly, with the initial participation of the employees, a radar based safety system that will reduce chances of collisions will also be developed. Sources said that the radar based safety system would be used in ford Fusion in 2013.

Ford EcoSport Pictures

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All the employees who entitle to get a membership will try their hands at innovation at Techshop. It is there that a one way value useful in defogging windows and keeping the passengers compartment fresh by letting air out of the compartment is developed. The patent of these innovations will help employees earn free membership of Ford Techshop.

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