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Saturday, March 09, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Ford plans to export EcoSport to 50 countries from India

Ford India has big plans for not only India but the world about its new car Ford EcoSport. And the most striking thing is that India will be the hub of exports to as many as 50 countries. This said, the car maker certainly is in a mood to make India has the primary destination for the production of this new SUV. Meanwhile, the SUV is all ready for a launch and it is a matter of a day or two or just a week that the Ecosport launch will be there. Already the ad campaign Ecosport Urban Discoveries has begun and it is exciting many to have the genes of an urban discoverer just as the car has. Recent sources information also reveals that the Ecosport price in India will be in the range of Rs 7.2 lakh to Rs 9.5 lakh.  

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The biggest rival that is waiting this car more than the people of India is Renault Duster. This French SUV has recently given a new dimension to success with more than inspiring sales and it will have the stiffest competition from the Ecosport only. In addition to being from a brand that is well known in India, this Ford car is expected to copy the success story of Ford Figo and could be more exciting than that. It will be the price of this Ford SUV that will be the key turning point in driving mammoth sales and Ford has made every provision that the price remain highly affordable.


Ford Ecosport Pictures Ford Ecosport Steering Wheel Picture  Ford Ecosport Rear Angle View Picture  Ford Ecosport Rear Angle View Picture Ford Ecosport Front Seats Picture  Ford Ecosport Tail Light Picture

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The best part of the Ecosport story in India is that the car maker will be exporting the car to over 50 countries from India. The Chennai plant will be taking care of the production initially and it will be joined by the Sanand plant next year. With both plants operational, the total car production capacity will rise to 4.4 lakh units. Out of the 50 export destinations, Ford has already known over 37 where it already exports the Figo whereas the rest of them will be new destinations.

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