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Friday, February 17, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Ford revealed the OpenXC research platform

At the NASSCOM India Leadership Summit, the American luxury carmaker Ford has demonstrated the most sophisticated OpenXC research platform and the potential of open-source application development for the vehicles. The senior technical leader for Ford Research and Innovation, and keynote speaker at NASSCOM, Venkatesh Prasad has said that the advanced OpenXC research platform has opened the new ways for new, local entrepreneurs and businesses where the combination of automobiles, internet and mobile phones bring the exceptional experience when behind the wheel.

This new platform will enable the company to discover the potential of the customers and act as the motivating factor to develop the innovative solutions for the growing and diverse Indian automotive market. The OpenXC X is an open source hardware and software platform that increases the connectivity of custom applications and pluggable modules, developed by the Ford Research and Innovation and Bug Labs, New York.

Its interface module with the vehicle’s internal communications network provides the data, based on the Ardunio platform. Whereas, the hardware module offers the accessibility to parameters including GPS receiver, vehicle sensors and vehicle speed.

The Founder and CEO of Bug Labs, Peter Semmelhack has said that the vehicles with wireless network connectivity allow the consumers to explore the various innovative categories including the energy efficiency, education, entertainment, safety, health and more. Ford is shipping the OpenXC beta toolkits to the initial developer participants and the universities around the world along with the HCL Technologies in India.

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