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Monday, September 14, 2015

By Kamal Swami

Frankfurt Motor Show: Nissan to showcase GrizpZ concept

Nissan's GrizpZ Concept

It is reported that Japanese car maker Nissan Motors will showcase its GrizpZ concept during the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, scheduled from September 17th to September 27th, 2015. The second teaser of the same has been recently released by car maker just couple of days before the motor show to be held in Frankfurt. The upcoming concept car would be completely based on new platform and it would be for the first time that logo of company would be market on non coupe body portion.

It would be interested to know that the word GrizpZ has been used by company to offer homage to  240Z desert cars that existed in the decades of 60’s and 70’s and were embellished with personalized suspension system and ran on large tyres. This can be witnessed in the conceptual teaser where you will vouch enhanced ground clearance followed by contemporary designing features including LED headlights and V-shaped logo.
It is speculated that Japanese car maker will not developed any car bigger than 370Z and going through the increasing shift towards crossover in recent years, it is anticipated a correct step in existing conditions. Industry mavens believe that this concept car is also a preview of generation next Juke by car maker. The GrizpZ concept will be showcased on inaugural day of the event.
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