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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

General Motors India and Ford plan new car launches to up market share

Maruti Suzuki India and Hyundai are the top car makers of the Indian car market; the car makers have been able to conquer the hatchback segment quite effortlessly. Not just hatchbacks, but vehicles in other segments have also been doing well in their respective segments. Now news is that General Motors and Ford are contemplating to launch a number of vehicles in the Indian car market to give a stiff competition to these two auto makers (Maruti Suzuki India and Hyundai Motors).

GM India officials confirmed that this rational step is being taken in order to enhance the market share of the American auto firm in the domestic market. Therefore General Motors India has planned a number of products which will make their debut in the Indian car market this year. Chevrolet Sail hatchback will be launched in India in the month of October followed by Chevrolet Sail compact sedan, or notchback, Chevrolet Enjoy MPV is the last product which will be launched in India by General Motors India. General Motors India is trying make its presence felt in all the segments which will help the company achieve its goal of expanding the market share.

Chevrolet Sail Pictures

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General Motors India has invested a hefty amount of around 5,500 crore in the Indian car market, on the other hand, Ford has invested almost double the amount in emerging markets like India and China in wake of sprinting its growth. Ford officials also mentioned that India is a very significant market for the company ans which may play a major role in the company’s growth in the global front too. Ford Motors has also planned to launch seven more cars in India which include Ford EcoSport compact SUV, this compact SUV will mark its debut in India in the beginning of the year 2013.

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback Pictures

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The SUV was displayed at the beginning of the year during the commencement of Indian Auto Expo in January. Ford has six more cars under its sleeve which will be uncovered for the Indian customers by the year 2015. Launch of these bew cars in India will definitely help these two auto makers which hail from US to take a long jump in the Indian car market. Currently General Motors India stands at 6th spot while Ford Motors stands at 7th spot in the domestic market, with these new vehicles coming in there is a bright chance that these car makers will be able to improve their market share in India.

Ford EcoSport Pictures

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However, auto aficionados are of the opinion that despite new car launches, these car makers will not be able to make a space for themselves in the top three list as they still lack entry level cars in their respective portfolio. General Motors India and Ford slipped down a tad as far as market share is concerned during the first five months of the current financial year. Surprisingly, MSI and Hyundai too skidded in the market share during this period, on the other hand auto companies like Toyota, Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda and Tata Motors gained market share. Maruti’s market share slipped from 40.3 per cent to 36.6 per cent, blamethe violence at MSI’s Manesar plant.

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