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Thursday, December 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

General Motors Talegaon plant gets Energy Star award

Did you know that why the Chevrolet Sail UVA got instant acceptance and the initial Sail UVA reviews have been too enthusiastic? It is because the car is being produced at a plant that keep strict tab on standards. Recently the plant has been acclaimed as the one of the best plants in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Thus it can be said that GM plant at Talegaon is a car manufacturing plant that not only produces some of the finest Chevrolet cars but also keep a check on pollution. As per the reports, the plant has reduced its energy requirements by 12 percent which is a worth achievement. Furthermore, the plant has achieved this in less than two years time. 

Chevrolet Sail UVA Pictures

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It is important to note that where GM plants are energy efficient, the Chevrolet cars are also highly fuel efficient. The Chevrolet Beat Diesel is the highly fuel efficient car with a mileage of 25.44 kmpl while the recently launched Sail UVA has a mileage of 18.5 kmpl on petrol and 23.5 kmpl on diesel which is far above its competitors including Maruti Swift and Ford Figo. Now that the plant has received this award it is another feather in the cap and this shows GMs commitment in making India as one of the prime destinations.  

Chevrolet Sail U-VA

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Reports also reveal that the GM plant needed to achieve this energy intensity reduction in five years time so as to qualify for the Energy Star compliance for the award but it has achieved more than this in less than two years time. This is a notable achievement and this also shows GMs commitment that how dedicated they are to India and they has set up their plant in here not to harness the resources to their full but for the optimum use of the resources without impacting the environment.

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Just like Beat, Chevrolet should make the mileage of new Sail UVA hatchback impressive...

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