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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

By Kriti Gupta

Google’s Self Driving car found culprit for slow driving

Google’s self driving car is one of the highly awaited cars across the world and car enthusiasts are curious know latest updates related with it. Recently Google had displayed a photo of its self driven car which is being pulled by a traffic man for driving below the determined speed on road. The picture was revealed by Google’s team looking after its project of self driving car questioning with surprise for being penalized on driving slow. This type of allegation by traffic police might surprise to most of the people as there would be hardly any person who had been punished for driving slow on road.
Google Self Driving Car Picture
Commenting on this local police authority in an online statement said that one of their officers’s found huge traffic following a car driving at the speed of 24 mph against the standard speed of 35 mph. When the traffic officer got close to car he noticed that it was self driving car from Google. According to laws of California it is mandatory for self driving car to operate at the speed of 35 mph. The acting officer questioned passenger inside the car for traffic jam on streets of California. According to sources of Google the speed of 25 mph had been determined to maintain safety on road.
The sources of Google also said that with this speed they wanted the commuters to feel comfortable on road rather than protecting them from any kind of uncertain situation. Moving ahead sources of Google also added that after covering more than 1.2 million miles, Google’s self driving car has never been penalized for conducting any mistake on road.

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