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Monday, December 29, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

Hackers eyeing on the safety of your car

Website hacking, extorting money from ATM have now become the tales of old days and in today’s scenario of technical developments hackers are now putting their eyes on your cars. According to industry experts hackers are now trying to attack the safety features adorned in your car to steal your car, extort money from you or even take control of your vehicle in their hands.
According to Edmund King an auto expert and president of AA, cars developed today are connected to internet throughout the day and once hackers try to target auto industry as they have been trying their hands on other things, it would be difficult to control their actions. Moving ahead Mr. King also said that the most difficult situation would be that when these cyber criminals succeed in retaining the control on safety measures offered in your car for instance braking and cruise control system. In words of Mr. King this attack could be mainly done on transport vehicles.
It has been also proved by various studies that it is easier to detect computer system called as Controller Area Network (CAN) integrated in any car through various sources including wireless networks, Bluetooth or car radio. It would be interested to know that expert conducting study on safety features of cars succeeded in connecting car with CAN through laptop and successfully opened various segments of car including doors, bootlid, headlights, speed and braking system, fuel gauge, speedometer and various other controlling system that severely harm to car.

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