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Friday, September 20, 2013

By Kamal Swami

High defined audio system for cars from Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt an established name in world of car infotainment and sound has recently launched its high defined infotainment system for car with price tag of Rs. 9,990 only. It is reported that the new infotainment system which has been codenamed as GTb 8A will generate more bass which its earlier siblings have been missing. With its 8 inches spun paper woofer it generates the low end thump.
The major features mounted in GTb8A include:
1. Closed Subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-A/B Amplifier
2. Very small dimensions: 250 x 272/202 x 260 mm
3. 200mm/8” Subwoofer with Spun Paper Cone (SPC) Membrane
4. Amplifier with high power handling: 75 watts RMS / 150 watts Max.Power
5. Perfect matching Subwoofer with optimized power handling
6. Signal input via RCA/Cinch and highlevel
7. Separate controls for lowpass filter, phase and gain
8. Automatic On-/Off function via highlevel, RCA/Cinch and remote signal
9. Metal speaker protectors
10. MDF housing material
11. EPC compatible: easy connection to the power supply by using the accessory Easy Power Connection (EPC)
As a general practice there are three elements namely a sub, an enclosure and an amplifier that are used for generating bass in an infotainment system.  The proper mix of these three elements is very critical. Going through all these problems, Blaupunkt has developed GTb 8A on new platform, according to which an enclosure assimilates sub and amplifier at one place, generating a decent bass for the listener.

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