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Friday, March 22, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Honda Accord, Civic - top stolen cars

Which are the most stolen cars in India? Surely, the Mahindra Bolero will top the list. There is no second or third in the list as this is the only car that breaks all records of being the most stolen car. In US, however, the Honda Civic and Honda Accord are the two most stolen cars in 2012. The reason why these two cars are there in the list is because of their high level of dependability and their high resale value. Also these cars sell well too in completely knocked down state which is their fate after these cars are stolen. Recently, the Honda Accord sedan has topped the list of LoJack’s stolen car list.  

Honda Accord Pictures

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Other cars on this list include Toyota Camry that is the third largest stolen car in US. In India on the other hand, the Bolero is there at the first position and as per report, the Maruti Swift and Maruti Swift Dzire have also been recently reported to be one of the most prone cars to stealing. All the more, it is easier to steal cars in India as most of the cars in India have no alarm, central locking or an immobilizer fitted in it. This increases the chances of thieves breaking in the front door and taking the car away. Also with lack of infrastructure such as street and parking lot cameras, the offenders remain uncaught.  

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Latest cars in India such as luxury cars and high end variants of car come with a lot of security features ranging from central locking, alarm system and engine immobilizer. Some even come with advanced features such as voice command start. With time there are a lot of advanced security systems that have also come up that fully secure your car with the help of anti-theft mechanism and GPS tracking.

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