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Friday, December 23, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda and Google Might Collaborate for Self-Driving Car

The trial of Google’s self-driven car has been in news during couple of years with renowned search engine claiming to driven its autonomous car without and collaboration. But, now it seems Google is going to take one more step ahead in this direction. According to recent reports Google’s designer subsidiary Waymo, responsible for designing the technology for self-driven car is having formal talks with Japanese auto giant Honda Motors for introducing further improvements in the technology of the car. It is believed that going through the increasing competition towards the development of self-driving car Google wishes to minimize the cost of production for developing the software which is responsible for retaining the control over autonomous vehicles. Therefore, instead of working individually on the whole manufacturing process Google is planning to join the hands of the firms which are working in the same field.
Google and Honda Motors Might Work on Self-Driven Car
It is reported that Waymo has already started working with Italian car maker Fiat for using its cars to conduct the test drives of self driving vehicles. If talks between Waymo and Japanese car maker reaches at some mutual agreement, then undoubtedly Honda will use the same technology for developing its autonomous cars. On the other side sources of Honda said that joining hands of Waymo will not stop them from working on their separate autonomous car and will bring its first self-driving car in next four years as reported earlier.
On the other side sources of Waymo said, that they are keen to explore their opportunities for working with Honda Motors for enhancing the driving technology and offer safe driving conditions to the drivers. At present, as compared to other car manufacturers Google is working aggressively towards the development of developing software and sensor for self-driven cars since 2009.

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