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Monday, October 29, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda brings up ‘Ladies Only’ car in Japan

Honda Motors loves to experiment with their cars and this time around they have gone to extreme. The new car targets the female audience only and it has been designed especially for the women, called Honda Fit She’s. The Japanese Auto giant knew for the fact that what women wants and what will attract them towards this one. The car maker has rolled out Honda Fit She’s in some very girly and eye catching color shades, which comprise of cute pink that has a big windscreen, which would help prevent the bad wrinkles. That might sound a bit bizarre, but windscreen preventing wrinkles might just the bull’s eye. 

Honda Brio Pictures

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Besides being offered in cute pink color for the ladies, the interiors of this one are well-equipped with air conditioning, which apparently amplifies the skin quality for the driver. Now that a perfect one! Also the car interiors come with some pink bezels sprinkled on the dashboard along with hot pink colored stitching done on the power steering wheel and the seat upholstery. 

Honda Brio Pictures

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Honda is going around and calling this new car ‘Adult cute’ and we wouldn’t deny it as well.  With a whopping price of $17,500, the car maker is happy with the car model. However, as soon as the launch was done, the car does face some ridicule on few websites and blogs. One of the online users wrote on a blog website that the car would sport a lipstick instead of cigarette lighter, a lightened vanity mirror and what not. 

In spite of such description posted by few online users, we think Honda Fit She’s is a successful attempt in luring its female clientele and as it is said, ‘Variety is a spice of life’. For now, the Honda Fit She’s is launched only in Japan and is not expected to arrive in India anytime soon. Apart from this, Honda is also readying its new Sedan car on the Honda Brio platform that is expected to be launched in India next year.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ha ha ha ha......It is Fit idea of Japanese auto major to lure the female customers. No doubt that Ladies only car will be the most beautiful from exterior and interior sides. The new Honda car can be said a dressing room in true words....... and in Indian auto market it would be the most loved......


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Honda would come with new ladies vehicle.

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