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Monday, April 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda Brio is top gainer, Honda City sales down

Honda SIEL Cars India (HSCI), country’s dominating luxury car manufacturer has recorded its all time maximum monthly sales in March 2012. Last month, the car maker sold total 11,016 units in comparison to 3,576 unit sales in March 2011, thereby registering growth of 208 percent.

Mr Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda SIEL Cars India commented that their sales figures in March this year have been phenomenal which signifies buyers’ trust towards the company and its products & services. He also added that Honda Brio has evolved as the outstanding performer for the company and the recently launched products have also accounted for increased sales stats.

Honda Brio Pictures

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The official also added that in March, the company majorly focused to increase the production of Honda Brio in order to deliver maximum of its units to all its waiting buyers. He further commented that they would try and keep the similar performance in coming fiscal year and the Brio & the City would surely bless the company with better sales stats in future.

In comparison to February 2012, Honda Brio, Honda Jazz and Honda Accord got increased sales stats, while the downfall has been recorded in the sales of Honda City, Honda Civic and Honda CR-V. The sales of Brio in February 2012 were 2046 units, which increased to 6355 unit sales in March 2012, while the Jazz sales were 356 units in February 2012 which increased to 535 units in March 2012. In addition, the Accord saloon too witnessed hike in sales; it sold 94 units in February 2012 that increased to 101 units March 2012.

Honda City Pictures

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However, the City sales decreased from 6052 units in February 2012 to 3920 units in March 2012. Added to this, the Civic too had a downfall; it sold 208 units in February 2012 which decreased to 104 units in March 2012. Furthermore, the crossover CR-V also had diminishing sales; it sold 100 units in 2012 February 2012 which dropped down to only 1 unit sale in March 2012.

From these stats, we can easily summarize that there has been an increase in the sales of entry-level cars for Honda, but its premium cars have showed diminishing sales.

Models/Month Febuary 2012 Sales March 2012 Sales Difference
Honda Brio 2046 6355 +4309
Honda Jazz 356 535 +179
Honda City 6052 3920 -2132
Honda Civic 208 104 -104
Honda Accord 94 101 +7
Honda CR-V 100 01 -99


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