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Thursday, September 14, 2017

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda Cars In Europe To Come With Electric Option

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 is going on its full swing with showcase of not only conceptual cars of coming years but also the cars that will debut soon in International market. From the cars showcased during the show most of the cars are electronic cars which are supposed to rule the market in future, despite of the fact we like them or not. Moreover going through the concern of pollution free environment across the world luxurious car makers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Aston Martin, and Jaguar have already announced to bring electronic version of all cars under their flagship by 2020. 
Honda Urban EV Concept
But, interestingly there is one renowned International car maker who has said that it will bring electronic variant of all its cars with immediate effect. According to reports from Frankfurt Japanese car maker Honda Motors has revealed that every new car coming from them in European car market will be offered in electronic variant. In the words of Mr. Takahiro Hachigo, President and CEO, Honda Motors, "Here in Europe, we see this move towards electrification gathering pace at an even higher rate than elsewhere,"  
From the sources of Japanese car maker there is substantial potential for introducing electronic and hybrid cars in European car market. And therefore company plans to bring two-thirds of its upcoming cars in European car market to be embellished with electric and hybrid features. As far as international car market the car maker plans to introduce the electric cars by 2030. It would be interested to know that Indian government is also planning to roll out electronic cars across the Indian car market by 2030 and phase out the cars with petrol and diesel option.
Honda Uban EV Concept Rear View
The announcement of bringing electric and hybrid cars soon in European car market made by the Honda Motors can be witnessed from the showcase of Urban EV concept and CR-V Hybrid prototype which are soon going enter in the production unit of the company.

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