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Monday, February 11, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda CRV Diesel unveil soon at Geneva Motor Show

Prospects of India getting a diesel powered Honda CRV are bright as Honda is all set to unveil the diesel powered new CRV at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The auto event is all set to commence in March and all eyes if the Indian Honda car lovers will be on the glittering new CRV’s diesel make that Honda unveils. This will be the 1.6 L iDtec engine powered model and as per the initial reports, this car will be made for European markets only. As the demand for diesel engine cars in India is high, Honda could place the diesel variant in the lineup anytime after it launches the new CRV tomorrow. The new CRV price in India is all set to start at Rs 21 lakh and looking at the new features and specifications, those who wish to have some real urban SUV will not wait for the diesel engine option to come.  


The diesel engine will be derived from Honda Civic Europe version and so it will come with EarthDreams technology that will make the new diesel powered SUV more fuel economic and low on emissions as well. Now it is a question still unanswered and highly mesmerized as to which Honda car will be the first diesel car by Honda – The new CRV or the upcoming sedan Honda Amaze. Meanwhile, the Honda Brio is continuing its popularity in the segment where people like its comfort and luxury features apart from Honda’s build quality and trust.  

The Honda CRV launch tomorrow in India is expected to be a gala one as those wish to have some great SUV at an affordable price go for it. In addition to this, the power, performance, looks and features of the new Honda car will compel buyers to buy it despite of it being offered only in petrol option.

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