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Thursday, December 01, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Honda diesel cars to launch in India

Japanese auto giant Honda Motors, which currently sells all of its portfolio models in petrol version in the Indian market, is now looking forward to launch new diesel run cars in the country. The company is developing diesel engines for the high growth potential markets like India.

The decision of rolling-out new diesel-run cars in the Indian market is seems to have been taken, considering the major shift of buyers towards the diesel run cars in the country. The car makers in India has been witnessing a steep increase in the demand for diesel variants of their cars in the country, as the price of petrol is continuously surging since last few months.

Speaking to PTI, Honda R&D Co (Automobile R&D Center) Managing Officer, Chief Officer (Development Operations) , Yasuhisa Arai said that the company is aware of the petrol price increase in India but it considers that as a sign of growth in the Indian market. He added that company is currently developing diesel engine cars.

Besides the diesel engines, the company is also planning to develop new series of compact cars for the developing markets like India, as there is a major growth potential in the volume drive mass segment in the country.

Honda has unveiled a new highly fuel efficient 'Earth Dreams Technology' engine for automobiles at the recently commenced Tokyo Motor Show.

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