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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Honda Motors short of spare components; blames Thailand catastrophe

The Japanese automobile major in India; Honda is facing some unfavourable consequences in regards to the supply of spare components. The company is dependent upon Thailand for the supply of spares for its vehicles. But Thailand is poorly affected by the worst hit floods and natural calamities, it is said that disaster with such deep intense hasn’t occurred in the country in last 50 years.

Thereby the delivery of the spare components to India has a received a major setback. With the supply of spares parts that are declining day by day, the company currently has available stock of spare parts that can be used till the end of October.

Known as Honda Siel Cars India in the country; the recent concern in Thailand has let the Japan based company to close down all the current activities in regards to manufacturing of vehicles. The representative of the company was heard saying that at this point everything is going fine, but the stock will only last till this month’s end.

For sedan Honda City and hatchback Jazz, the company uses 77 percent of the spares from Thailand, along with 80 percent for the newly launched Honda Brio. Apart from Thailand the company also imports spare components from Malaysia.

Sometime back the company has announced to enhance the production to 1000 units per month till November, but sighting these severe anxieties it doesn’t seems possible. Honda recently launched its compact hatchback Brio, in the state of Kerala which received a quite decent response.

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