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Friday, April 20, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Honda mulls to recycle hybrid car batteries

Hybrid cars are known for using scanty fuel in comparison to the conventional cars, but there is catch to it which very few people might be aware of. Hybrid cars impact the environment by depleting valuable sparse earth metals for battery packs. To keep an account of this, Honda, the makers of Honda City and Honda Brio for India, is planning to launch a program that will pay attention to recycling batteries from hybrid cars in order to recoup the sparse earth metals.

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This program will begin towards the end of this month, Honda with support from Japan Metals & Chemicals will work towards drawing out the earth metals from nickel-metal hybrid batteries eradicated from hybrid cars manufactured by Honda. This new program initiated by Honda and Japan Metals & Chemicals apparently can draw out around 80% of the metals from used batteries and the metals are likely to be as fresh as ‘newly mined and refined’ materials. This implies that the recouped elements could prove to be useful in a number of products, it could be not just be used in making more NiMH batteries but can also be used in other applications too. Honda will make sure that the company also gathers oil filters, used bumpers and other parts which can be recycled too. The used or defective batteries replaced by a new one will also be shipped to be recycled as a new product.

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