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Thursday, December 22, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Honda rushes to redo Honda Civic

Sensing the gradual decrease in popularity and slipping sales of its luxury car Honda Civic, Japanese carmaker Honda is in the process of rushing its plans to bring forth a redo version soon. As per reports, the carmaker was about to introduce the new Civic by 2012 end. Experts suggest that such a decision could be the outcome of several possible factors but decrease in sales is the primary factor that acted as a catalyst.

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Honda was about to bring in new Honda Civic as the car has not been majorly overhauled for the last three years. However, a revamped version appeared just six months ago. Thus, in order to match the trend and meet the car market in India that has become too competitive, Honda has now decided to bring some changes to Civic instantly. However, sensing that Indian car market is ruled by small cars and coupled with the success of Honda Brio, the automaker must have thought it also wise to concentrate on small cars as well. It is said that small car sales in US remained steady with some improvement compared to sedan or SUVs recently. Besides, it could also be the convenience and roomy nature of the present small cars that has attracted car buyers to buy small cars.


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Apart from this, some criticisms were also on their way regarding the recently revamped Civic. Some said that it has lost its agility and that Honda has cut down heavily on the quality of the interiors. Worse was in the in the waiting for Civic when some of the magazines dropped it from the ‘Recommended buy’ list. However, in US the car did good and remained the fourth largest selling car in the compacts from May to November. In India, the car could not maintain steady sales in the last two quarters following two factors – launch of several other lucrative options and absence of Civic diesel.

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