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Friday, January 18, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Honda to assemble CRV in India, new car launching next month

If not in diesel, be it at lower price. At least something will be good with Honda CRV that has set new records of slowest sales in India last year. Now as the new Honda CRV launch is round the corner and the launch is next month, there are reports that the car maker is aggressively thinking of assembling its sole SUV in India. This way the car maker will be able to bring the price of the car down considerably and this will help it improve sales as well. However, the decision to only bring the petrol model in India is believed to keep things as is somewhat. 

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It is expected that if Honda would have decided to bring the diesel engine powered CRV in India, there were chances that the SUV would have created a new sensation. But the decision to assemble the car in the country will also improve things a lot as the price is going to come down. This way the car will be much attractive in terms of price. Already Honda will be bringing the new CRV to India in February as it has discontinued the old model in the end of the last year. This new model is much improved than the outgoing model and it will lead to the expected results. 
Year 2011 and 2012 have been too determining for the car maker as it had huge posted losses. Though the extent of loses have been brought down to some extent with the launch of Honda Brio in India still slow sales of Honda City, Honda Civic and Honda Jazz has created a troublesome situation for the car maker. In addition to this reluctance to launch diesel models of its cars has to a large extent brought down the prospects of the car maker.  
Honda CRV Pictures Honda CRV Pictures Honda CRV Pictures Honda CRV Pictures Honda CRV Pictures

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