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Monday, December 26, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda to destroy the 1400 cars damaged during Thai flood

The Japanese auto giant, Honda Motors is suffering with massive lose, whose global market output closed down by 4.7% and its market share fell by 2.2%. Globally, the production and supply chain of the Honda got adversely affected and it will take few months to catch the lost track. The Honda’s two major Thai manufacturing units are in Ayutthaya.

Company has recently announced to destroy 1400 damaged cars, which were submerged in the water including the sub-compact Honda City Sedan & Honda Brio. If words to be believed, then Honda Motors would take the damaged cars under the repairing procedure and sell them in local market or overseas as brand new models.

Honda City Pictures

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However, it was a suspicious issue to the Honda car buyers across the globe but by considering the brand value & trust, company offers the relief to their buyers. It would distort the gained global reputation of the Honda and diminish the customer’s faith level.

Honda Brio Pictures

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The official sources appealed to the customers to not panic or be doubtful for the new Honda cars as they are in the process to destroy all the 1400 damaged Honda cars. The company will start destroying the cars in very eco friendly manner at its Rojana Industrial Estate units. It will take several days. Before destroying the damaged cars the functional spare parts will be kept aside for future use.

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