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Monday, April 15, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Honda to launch MPV, compact SUV in 2-3 years

Honda India’s name will be written in bold letters as it is soon to become the most dynamic car maker after being among the most passive car makers in the country. Honda sales started tumbling after the petrol price started to shoot and due to the diesel wave that swept away many such players. But the recent launch of Honda Amaze diesel is a comeback. The car maker will not stop at this. As per the information, it will be launching two new cars in the next three years. These include an MPV which will be based on Honda Brio hatchback and there will be an SUV that will be based on Honda Jazz hatchback. Meanwhile, there will be some introductions of diesel variants of Honda City, Honda Accord and Honda Jazz besides a sure shot arrival of Honda CRV diesel.

Honda Jazz Pictures

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This is going to help the car maker in exploring the most vital segments in India – multi utility vehicle segment and compact SUV segment. Currently, Maruti Ertiga is solely heading sales in the MPV segment while Renault Duster is taking care of the compact SUV segment. Being the two hottest segments in the country, these are the point of focus of a lot of car makers including Maruti, Hyundai, Chevrolet and now Honda. Mahindra has already launched the Quanto SUV and very soon it will be introducing the Mahindra Verito CS or aka Mahindra Vibe in the compact sedan segment.

Honda Amaze Pictures

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It is said that whoever enters first in these segments will get a preferential treatment. But all these segments are price sensitive and Honda will have to launch cars in these segment just exactly the way it has launched Amaze in the compact sedan market. Both the MPV market and compact SUV market are on the rise and every entrant will have a greater chances of getting huge response as the number of offering in these segments are currently few.

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