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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

By Kamal Swami

How Renault Kwid AMT Differs from Others?

Just in a span of year Renault Kwid has emerged as one of the promising names in Indian car market, the success enjoyed by this hatchback from French car maker has witnessed the success for which the other manufacturers had to wait for three to four years. The success of Kwid can also be witnessed from fact that hatchback that was launched by car maker to assess its potential in this segment had to introduce its enriched version with more powerful engine configuration. Now once again the logo of Kwid is in limelight and this it is because of its AMT version which is speculated to soon make its debut in India. Going through the performance exhibited by its elder sibling’s car enthusiasts across the country has huge expectations from its AMT version too. Moreover, France based car maker has also endorsed that the AMT trim of its best selling hatchback will be quite different from its contenders.
Based on the information received from authentic sources about Renault Kwid AMT, we have tried to summarize some of the vital factors which will be introduced in the proposed version of this hatchback.
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Renault Kwid Side Profile
1. If you feel that Kwid AMT will carry different looks as compared to its standard look, than you will be disappointed as according to reports the AMT version of Kwid will have same appearance as owned by Kwid 800 cc and 1.0 litre engine configurations. The only difference that you will notice will be studding of Easy-R badge at the bootlid of hatchback. Presence of alloy wheels will be also offered as an option on AMT Kwid. It means that alike existing Kwid the AMT version will also look like the compact version of some compact SUV.
2. The Kwid AMT also referred as Easy-R will be equipped with automated manual transmission system. It will embellish the same five speed manual gearbox system but will integrate Bosch developed AMT shifter module. It is said that driving AMT Kwid will offer an amazing experience to car buyers who had driven Amt car by other manufacturers.
3. The AMT shifter module offered in Kwid is not like traditional gear lever but is like a rotating knob which is mounted on dashboard and will have three options N referring to neutral, R for reversing and D for driving. With this type of AMT driving option Kwid is the first hatchback in segment which embellishes this feature which till now is offered only and Jaguar and Land Rover.
4. The AMT Kwid will be offered with standard brake hold feature at the time when car is either parked or in position to drive it. This can be considered as a safety feature that will not let the car move ahead until unless the throttle pedal is pushed by driver.
5. As the gear shifter know has only three options namely R, N and D, it does not have sport mode. Similarly it also does not embellishes manual shift option, that means if you selected the AMT option you will not be able to use manual gear box transmission system.
Renault AMT System
6. It is reported that AMT Kwid will continue with same features that are offered in regular RXT version comprising of touchscreen infotainment system with inbuilt navigation system, spacious cabin and enlarged boot space and few more.
7. The AMT gearbox introduced in proposed version of Kwid is extra soft and offer smooth shifting of gear, except some kind of toughness while moving to second gear from first gear.

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