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Monday, April 07, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Hybrid cars: Best for Indian car market

According to recent study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, operated by University of California for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, Hybrid cars are capable of delivering more fuel efficient performance on Indian roads as compared to roads of United States and United Kingdom. The study reveals that these cars have proved to efficient performers in Indian and Chinese car market.
The study was conducted in joint collaboration of scientists from India and America who conducted test drives in New Delhi and Pune through Maruti Alto and Modified Indian Drive Cycle, a standard test designed to examine fuel efficiency performance of vehicle. The results achieved after the test drive revealed that hybrid vehicles on Indian roads are capable of saving up-to 48% of fuel and in China their efficiency is even more than India and there they could save up-to 535 to 55% of fuel consumption. On the contrary this figure in United States was only 40%.
The main reason behind the running of hybrid cars in Indian car market is due to absence of supportive subsidiary and benefits offered by the government. Whereas in countries like U.S.A and Germany there is no taxation on hybrid cars as an impact of which their manufacturing cost is low. Although government of India had also launched a national plan to develop about seven million hybrid and electric cars in India  by 2020. The study conducted by Berkeley lab has also received an appreciation from Indian government as in words of Mr. Ambuj Sharma, Additional Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry, GOI, the report has helped government in looking after the issue and act according to market condition.

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